Create your own Misskey instance

Thank you for your interest in building a Misskey instance 🚀 There are several ways to create an instance, so please choose one below and read the guide.

Do not recreate the database with the domain/hostname of the server once you have started using it!

If you use Cloudflare for your own server, do not use the Auto Minify setting.

Misskey will not work properly because Cloudflare will not interpret the latest JavaScript and will break the source code inside.

See also: misskey-dev/misskey #9791

Using Docker

See here

Using Bash Script

See here


See here

Using Yunohost

Misskey can be installed as an App on YunoHost. For more information see the repository of the Misskey package for YunoHost.

Using Kubernetes/TrueNAS Scale

See here

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