Word Mute

Through setting up word mutes, you can make notes matching certain conditions not appear on your timeline anymore.

There are two types of word mutes: soft and hard. Below is an explanation of the setup process and effect of both.

Soft Word Mute

With soft mutes, the word mute is processed within the client (app) you are using.

When a note meets the set conditions, it will be hidden behind text stating "(username) said something".
You can display the hidden note contents by clicking on this text.

Hard Word Mute

With hard mutes, the server judges whether the content of a new incoming note meets the set conditions similar to antennas, and will completely exclude it from your timeline if so.

To summarize, a hard word mute has the following features:

  • Only new notes created after configuration will be affected by the mute.
  • If the conditions are changed, previously hard muted notes will still remain muted.
  • Timelines will not be filled with "(...) said something".
  • Hard mutes will function even for apps without functionality for soft mutes.