This feature is available as of Misskey version 12.109.0.

This is an experimental feature and may be unstable or subject to change in the future.

Misskey provides a webhook which allows you to receive various events from Misskey in real time.

You can manage your webhooks by going to Settings > Webhook.

Once a webhook is registered, an HTTP request is sent to the specified URL each time the specified event occurs. The request method will be POST and contain JSON in its body. In addition, the request header will contain the secret that was set during registration with the name X-Misskey-Hook-Secret. You can use this secret to verify that the request is legitimate.

The payload wil contain the following properties.

If the destination server returns a 5XX error or does not respond, the request is resent after a time delay.

Webhooks can individually have their active status changed from the administration screen to temporarily stop sending requests.


The following is a description and payload for each event type.


Occurs when you follow someone.


Occurs when you are followed by someone.


Occurs when you unfollow someone.


Occurs when you post a note.


Occurs when someone has replied to your note.


Occurs when your note is renoted.


Occurs when someone has mentioned you.