Notes are a central concept within Misskey, and refer to content that may include text, images, polls and more that has been posted to Misskey. In this context, "to note" is also used as a verb referring to the creation of a note.

By composing a note, it will be added to the timeline and sent to your followers and other users from your server.

On Misskey, it is also possible to add Reactions to notes. Additionally, you can reply to or quote notes.

By adding a note to your Favorites, you can easily find it at a later point in time.

Composing Notes

To compose a note, press one of the buttons with a pencil icon on your screen to open the posting form (either at the top of your timeline or at the bottom of the navigation menu). Enter the content you want to post in the form, and press the "Note" button to publish it. Notes can contain text, files such as images or videos, and Polls. In addition, by using MFM within your text, you can include Mentions and Hashtags. There are also other settings such as CW (Content Warning) or note visibility that are explained below.

If you are on a computer and have an image saved in your clipboard, you can attach it to your note by using the usual paste keyboard shortcut within the text box.

You can also press Ctrl + Enter within the text box to publish your note.


The act of quoting an existing note or sharing an existing note. The note created as a result of these acts are all called a Renote/RN (or "renoting" as verb). Most of the time, this is used when you want to share a note you like to your own followers, or when you want a share a note that you posted in the past once more. While it is possible to renote the same note multiple times, please be aware that doing so may be seen as annoying by others.

If you've set your note's visibility to Followers-only or Direct, then others will not be able to renote it.

To take back a renote, press the "..." next to the renote timestamp and select "Take back Renote".


An abbreviation of "Content Warning", resulting in the content of a note being hidden unless explicitly requested to be shown by a viewing user. It is mainly used to hide the content of long notes or to prevent posting spoilers publicly. To enable CW for a note, press the "Hide content" button (eye icon) in the post form. By doing so a new text input area will appear, where you can write a summary of the content hidden by the CW.


It's possible to individually set where your note will be visible (Visibility) for each of your notes. By pressing the icon to the left of the "Note" button in the post form, you can choose from the visibility settings listed below.


Your note will be visible to all users and will show up on all timelines (home, local, social, global).

This visibility will be unavailable if your account is silenced.


Your note will be visible to all users, but will not show up on the local, social or global timeline for non-followers.


Your note will only be visible to those that are following you. The note will show up on all timelines of your followers.


Your note will only be visible to individually specified users. The note will show up on all timelines of the specified users.

The "Local only" option

If you enable this option, your note won't be federated to remote instances.

Visibility comparison

LTL/STL/GTL of Followers
LTL/STL/GTL of Others

Pin to profile

By pinning a note to your profile it will be constantly displayed on your profile page. To pin a note, open the note menu and press "Pin to profile".

It's possible to pin multiple notes to your profile.


You can get notifications for replies, reactions etc. for a note that is not yours by watching it. To watch a note, select "Watch" from the note's menu.