Frequently Asked Questions

This document will list answers to frequently asked questions regarding the usage of Misskey. Answers to frequently asked questions related to Misskey as a project can be found here.

"Are there any apps for iOS / Android available?"

While no official Misskey app for either OS exists, there are several third-party applications. For details, please check here.

However, functionality of third-party applications will inevitably lag behind the official Web client, so unless you really want to use a native application, we recommend the official Web client instead. As the Misskey Web client supports PWA, it is also possible to make it act as if it was a native application instead. For details regarding this, please check here.

"Can't I log in through a Mastodon client?"

As Misskey is not compatible with the Mastodon API, barring some exceptions, using Mastodon clients to log into Misskey is not possible.

"What do I do when I want to follow users from other servers?"

Select the search bar from the menu and enter their username including their host server. E.g.: @[email protected]

"How do I take back a Renote?"

Press the three dots ("...") displayed next to the renote timestamp and select "Take back Renote". To read more about Renotes, please check here.

"I don't want the preview of an URL to be displayed."

You can prevent an URL from being previewed using MFM. Please check the MFM Cheatsheet which you can see it in your instance with typing a following URL https://YourInstanceHostname/mfm-cheat-sheet.

"I want to add custom emoji."

Only administrators can add, edit or delete custom emoji. If you'd like to do either of these things, please ask your instance administrator.

"I want to develop a Bot."

It is possible to develop a Bot using the Misskey API. Please, see here.

Which service does the note translation function use?

DeepL is being used for this.