Misskey is an open source, decentralized social media platform that's free forever!
screenshot of Misskey in a PC browserscreenshot of Misskey in a mobile browserAi-chan, Misskey's mascott
Misskey is open source software that anyone can contribute to and everyone can use for free whenever and wherever.
Misskey is a decentralized platform, so communities on different instances can connect with each other.
Misskey is both easy to understand for beginners and has powerful features for advanced users.
Make Misskey yours! With themes, widgets, layouts, and more, you make make Misskey just the way you like it.
Misskey is a decentralized platform.
Misskey is just a platform for server owners to make their own instances of Misskey, and they can all talk to each other! There's large instances for the masses, smaller ones for groups, fandoms, and subcultures, and even instances just for individuals and their friends. Want to have even more control? You can make your own instance on your server with relative ease, cutting ties from any large company who wants to spy on you and sell your data. Misskey is about community and sharing, not corporations and big tech. Have friends not on Misskey? No problem! Because Misskey is on the Fediverse (ActivityPub), you can interact with people on other platforms like Mastodon, PixelFed, PeerTube, and more!
Misskey has a wide variety of unique features!
some notes
On Misskey, posts from users are called "notes". Reply, quote, add custom emojis, animated text, content warnings, attach multiple images, videos, GIFs, audio clips, or anything else!
some emojis in the reaction picker
You can add emoji reactions to any post! No longer are you bound by a like button, show everyone exactly how you feel with the tap of a button.
color palette
Why be limited by just a Light or Dark theme when you can change all the colors? Use Misskey's intuitive theming functions to make Misskey just how you like it.
For those who need to see everything, Misskey has powerful charts for both users and admins to see what exactly is going on in your instance in real time.
logos of Misskey and other ActivityPub server software
Not on Misskey? No problem! Not only can Misskey instances talk to each other, but you can make friends with people on other networks like Mastodon and Pixelfed!
a list of files in Misskey Drive
Hate not being able to find something you uploaded? With Drive, you get managed and powerful cloud storage right in your social media!
multiple messages arranged in a thread
Have a lot on your mind? Make a thread! Each post can have up to 3,000 characters by default, and you can keep the conversation going for hours.
sample widget showing activity as colored dots
Have everything at your fingertips with over a dozen customizable widgets!
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Because Misskey is a non-profit, we rely on your donations to fund our development. If you like Misskey, please consider donating so that we can continue to make Misskey awesome for years to come!
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